Prepare your files before sending

Before submitting your project, each file must be consolidated (or bounced) to the beginning of the timeline in your session as a wav. file. Each file should be properly named (ex. lead vocal, ad-lib 2, kick drum).


Click on the picture for a visual. There are instructions on how to do this in any software, on the web.


For example if your chorus starts 20 seconds into the song after being consolidated (or bounced), silence will be inserted as part of that wav. file to the beginning of the song.


This will enable us to open the wav. files in any DAW software and your audio will be placed at the proper time in your song.








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Submit an Inquiry

Please contact us before submitting your project to confirm availability. We only except work if we are able to meet your deadlines and handle your needs.

Sending your files

Once receiving confirmation, you will need to submit your files. You will receive instructions on how to do so. There are file transfer sites and share boxes that can be used (recommended). If preferred, you can mail a cd or usb drive to us. Also include a track listing, any special instructions, and the bit / sample rate of files (ex. 24 bit/48K).